Zelda Ocarina Of Time Replica

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Word around the trees has it you are on a quest for the fabled Ocarina of Time, the instrument of fairies. I can show you the way, adventurer. Some Backstory When Zelda Ocarina Of Time (OoT) was released back in 1998, the ocarina entered western pop culture and immediately fascinated gamers of all ages. Many […]

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Dragon Tooth Ocarina Review

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Today I’m going to take a close look at the 12 hole Dragon Tooth from Songbird, which is a standard Alto C ocarina and has a pitch range from A4 to F6. There also used to be a smaller version of this ocarina, a 6 hole Soprano G ranging from G5 to B6, which is […]

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Ocarina History

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The history of the ocarina goes far back in time. It illustrates nicely how individuals can make a difference in the world. If only one of the pieces in this story were out of place, the ocarina wouldn’t be as famous as it is today. Ocarinas are becoming more and more popular and have entered […]

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How Ocarinas Work (Part 1)

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Dear Ocarinist, On this page and in part 2, I strive to thoroughly explain how ocarinas work right down to their fundamental physics. Ocarinas have never been well explained by anyone in the ocarina community, while questions related to ocarina physics come up time and time again. I’ve seen many people express the wish that […]

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Zelda Songs and Ocarina Sheet Music

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The Legend of Zelda is a very musical series. Several of the games are actually focused on it and feature an outstanding soundtrack. Zelda music is beautiful and is sure to bring any fan into a state of nostalgia – let alone kindling a lust for adventure! Below, I’m listing two CDs filled with professional […]

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How Ocarinas Work (Part 2)


Welcome to part 2 of this course on ocarina physics and understanding the instrument from the ground up. In part 1 of this article, we have discovered and solved the ocarina equation, allowing us to understand how ocarinas work in detail. It was the main mathematical part of this course. Now, let us find out […]

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The Chinese Xun


The Chinese xun is a vessel flute and one of the predecessors of the modern ocarina. It was first made around 7,600 years ago and was used as a traditional court instrument. At first, they were made from stone or bone, later from clay or ceramic. Overview Like all members of the ocarina family of […]

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How To Make Ocarina Tabs

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Finding ready made ocarina tabs for immediate use is a nice thing, but sometimes you’ll want to make them yourself. Besides, it’s actually a fun process! But how do people actually make them? Sure, you could go ahead draw a set of ocarina icons with different dots representing the open holes and then string these […]

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The Peruvian Ocarina


Peruvian ocarinas are pendant style ocarinas with 4 to 10 holes that are made from Peruvian clay. They come in a large variety of hand painted designs unique to each instrument, which makes them very recognizable. These flutes have played an important role in ocarina history and come from a line of traditional South American […]

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Why Ocarinas Are Special


If you are new to the ocarina, I want you to know that you have discovered one of the most alluring and beautiful musical instruments of the world. When I say the ocarina is special, I mean it. It is an instrument unlike any other, not only for its design and sound, but its place […]

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