Dragon Tooth Ocarina Review

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Today I’m going to take a close look at the 12 hole Dragon Tooth from Songbird, which is a standard Alto C ocarina and has a pitch range from A4 to F6. There also used to be a smaller version of this ocarina, a 6 hole Soprano G ranging from G5 to B6, which is […]

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The Peruvian Ocarina

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Peruvian ocarinas are pendant style ocarinas with 4 to 10 holes that are made from Peruvian clay. They come in a large variety of hand painted designs unique to each instrument, which makes them very recognizable. These flutes have played an important role in ocarina history and come from a line of traditional South American […]

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The Chinese Xun

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The Chinese xun is a vessel flute and one of the predecessors of the modern ocarina. It was first made around 7,600 years ago and was used as a traditional court instrument. At first, they were made from stone or bone, later from clay or ceramic. Overview Like all members of the ocarina family of […]

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