The Ocarina Forest

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Well Met, Wanderer! You have arrived at the outskirts of the ocarina forest, the home of fairies and ancient sounds.

How I Came To Know The Ocarina

Hi, I’m Allen, and I have been an ocarina enthusiast ever since the age of 5, when I first realized I could play music simply by blowing over the top of a bottle. Amazed by this discovery, I soon created several kinds of makeshift ocarinas for myself. None of them were tuned or worked very well, but hey, I was young and these flutes were my own invention.
At that time and age, I didn’t yet know I had rediscovered a musical instrument that had been known for millenia – one that goes back to the very beginning of all music. Have a look at my page about ocarina history to learn all about it.

It is only a little flute of clay, but it is one of the oldest items of mankind that has accompanied us for all of our history.

How Came To Be

Ever since 1998, the ocarina has been growing in popularity due to its pivotal role in the Legend of Zelda games and continues to gain new fans every day. People of all ages send me messages, wanting to know more about this beautiful and strangely alluring instrument. Good information on ocarinas  tends to be scarce on the Internet, something unusual at today’s time. For this reason and to express my passion and interest in the ocarina, I began building this website. From what I’m seeing, it is likely the largest ocarina knowledge base on the Web.

What You Can Find Here

If you would like to learn about different types of ocarinas, read about experiences and reviews, need ocarina tabs, guidelines to choosing your first ocarina or want to find the best Zelda ocarina replica, you will find all of this right here.

Over the past few years, I have often seen people on the Web ask how Ocarinas work and how their sounds change depending on the environment, but I’ve never seen a satisfying answer to these questions. For that reason, I have devoted a section of this website to explaining Ocarina physics from the ground up. And yes, that includes a mathematical derivation of what I call the ocarina equation, for anybody interested in it.

See you around the trees,



3 Responses to “The Ocarina Forest”

  1. Wanderer says:

    Wow, I can’t wait for this place to meet its heyday! There is just no proper ocarina website out there, except for some youtube channels and shops.

  2. Russ says:

    HI Allen. It makes perfect sense now why ocarinas play flat at my elevation. At a bit over 4000 ft, they should indeed play a little more than a semitone flat. You know, some of the makers seem unfamiliar with your most-helpful equations. Why not create a stir on theocarinanetwork and littlegeese and post links to your site?
    And how about contacting ocarina makers with your breakthrough idea for small bass instruments? If you have one custom built, you could get it scanned and 3D printed in plastic for far less than you might sell them. Or if you could more fully enable the device beyond what you’ve publically disclosed, you might get a patent and license the design to a company to mass produce and sell them for royalty fees. It would be great to see them on the market. Thanks for the info.

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