How To Make Ocarina Tabs

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How To Make Ocarina TabsFinding ready made ocarina tabs for immediate use is a nice thing, but sometimes you’ll want to make them yourself. Besides, it’s actually a fun process!

But how do people actually make them?

Sure, you could go ahead draw a set of ocarina icons with different dots representing the open holes and then string these icons together.
If that sounds tedious, that’s because it is.

But in the early days, it was the only way to translate our favorite sheet music into fingering tabs. Strangely, I still see many people do it this way, and the results usually don’t look very appealing.

Naturally, there is a much better way to go about it.

Today, there are a number of free fingering composers available. They not only allow you to compose your own music, but easily convert your favorite songs from regular sheet music into tabs within minutes.

I’ll be telling you about the two best tools I know.


My First Choice – Songbird Composer

Songbird Composer

The Songbird composer is the newest and most thoroughly developed composer I know. It allows you to choose from different types of ocarinas, such as 12, 10 or 4 hole ocarinas, which are represented by different icons. There is even an extra icon for the dragon tooth ocarina. I love my dragon tooth, and I love having fitting tabs for it!

Unlike other tools of this kind, this composer lets you choose notes in the same way as you’d write them classically – meaning whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and so on, which are then represented by little flags like in sheet music.

Another great feature of this composer is the ability to register an account to save, load and listen to your compositions.

Click here to find this composer.

Have a listen to the song “Greensleeves”, which I made using this tool.



My Second Choice – STL Composer

STL Composer

The STL composer has been around for several years and makes very solid, clean looking tabs. Like the Songbird composer, it lets you choose between different types of ocarinas. In this case, you can choose between 12 and 6 holes as well as double and triple ocarinas.

For the composition, you can enter notes either by clicking on a keyboard, classical notes or number based tabs. This makes it very intuitive to use and also allows you to convert number based tabs into ocarina tabs.

Since this composer doesn’t let you listen to the composition, there are no different note types. This makes the STL composer very fast to use.

There is no option to save the result as an image file, so you’ll have to make a screenshot when you’re done. However, you are given the option to print the result.

Click here to find this composer.


Both of the composers have their use, where STLs solution is quick and proven, whereas Songbird’s solution is more elaborate, if you want to spend the time working with it. I suggest giving both of them a try!

May the music be with you,




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