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ocarina of timeWord around the trees has it you are on a quest for the fabled Ocarina of Time, the instrument of fairies. I can show you the way, adventurer.

Some Backstory

When Zelda Ocarina Of Time (OoT) was released back in 1998, the ocarina entered western pop culture and immediately fascinated gamers of all ages.
Many people realized this instrument is special, but only some went on a quest to find them in real life – which wasn’t easy, since the Internet was still young.

Most people incorrectly believed it to be just an invention for the game, but they all wanted one for themselves. It was only when ads for the first replica began to appear in gaming magazines that people became aware of the instrument as something tangible.

The first replicas had a bad design and quality. What people really wanted was a concert level instrument with a design indistinguishable from the original.

Fortunately, Zelda ocarina replicas have been perfected over the years, so let’s end the treasure hunt and find out where to dig!


The Best Replicas

First of all, there are many Zelda themed ocarinas available today. Even the OoT has several versions to it. You can get it as a 7 hole, a 12 hole and even a double ocarina.

Keep in mind that the original has 7 holes, whereas the high order replicas were made to give this instrument a wider musical range. If you want to have the absolute original, scroll down to the 7 hole replica.


1 – Ocarina of Time (12 Hole)

My personal favorite is the STL 12 hole you can see in the photo above. It is about 5.5 inches long and plays notes from A4 to F6.In addition, a protective bag, a Zelda songbook and a Final Fantasy songbook are included with this replica.

This ocarina has warm and mellow sound and is virtually identical to the original OoT. Have a look at the amazing cosplay video above, where this replica is demonstrated.

Click though here to find it.


OoT 12 Hole SongbirdAnother outstanding 12 hole replica is made by Songbird. It is about 6.25 inches long and plays notes from A4 to F6.

This replica is as as indistinguishable from the original as the other one. It has a slightly lighter color and a platinum ring around its mouth piece. A triforce symbol with an actual relief is crafted on the ring, while other replicas only have the symbol but no relief. This detail makes the Songbird replica the clear winner in terms of design.

The main reason why this instrument still comes in second place is the higher price point at around $20 more and fewer extras. It only comes with one Zelda songbook for 10 and 12 hole ocarinas, but the sound is as perfect, mellow and warm as the STL replica.

Click through here to find this replica.

Here is a sound test of this instrument, provided by its maker.



I love both of the above, and I know they are the best replicas in existence. You don’t need to consider their sound when choosing one of them. Instead, ask yourself if you want the extra songbook, or a nicer design.

Whichever you get, make sure you hold it high over your head after unpacking it :)


STL 12 Hole Replica
Songbird 12 Hole Replica
  • Dark Blue Color, Glossy
  • Concert Quality Sound
  • Original Design With Flat Triforce Symbol
  • 1 Zelda Songbook
  • 1 Final Fantasy Songbook
  • 1 Protective Bag
  • Light Blue Color, Glossy
  • Concert Quality Sound
  • Original Design With Triforce Relief
  • 1 Zelda Songbook
  • 1 Protective Bag


2 – Fairy Ocarina (12 Hole or 6 Hole)

From STL: This is an addition to the Fairy Ocarina12 Hole Zelda replicas and mainly for fans who really like to collect these.

What you see here on the left is a replica of the fairy ocarina Link receives from Saria in the Lost Woods.

This replica is 6 inches long and, like the others, has a range from A4 to F6.
Except for its exterior design, it is the same high quality as the STL OoT replica listed above. However, it is a bit cheaper.

Included with this instrument are a Zelda songbook, an instructional booklet and a neck strap.

Click through here to find this replica.


From Songbird: Songbird’s fairy ocarina is shown on the right. It is 6 inches long and plays one octave and a third (from C to E). With 6 holes, it has 1 hole less than the original form the game and a smaller range than the replica from STL.

In terms of design, however, Songbird has produced an instrument close to the original – save for the missing 7th hole. It has 4 holes on top and 2 thumb holes on the back. The rest are closed and only made to look like holes.

It is made from a beautiful kiln-fired ceramic and has the perfect color for what it aims to portray, making it even better than the STL version.

Overall, this is a very good instrument and the second version of Songbird’s fairy ocarinas, having improved upon their first attempt. It is also the most affordable out of all the replicas presented on this page.

Click through here to find this one.


3 – The Perfect Replica (7 Hole)

songbird-7hole-ootThe original Ocarina of Time has 7 holes and a satin blue look, which is exactly what has been reproduced here. It is made by Songbird and identical in size and quality to their 12 hole replica.

While the 12 hole has a glossy finish, the 7 hole mimics the satin look of the original and is thus the most accurate replica on the market.

One peculiarity are the finger holes on top. You can see 7 holes, but the two holes above the Triforce symbol are actually closed and only meant to give it the look of the original. Instead, it has two thumb holes on the back, like all sweet potato style ocarinas do. Having only holes on top would be much more difficult to play.

Songbird 7 Hole OoTIn terms of music, the 7 hole has the same range as the 12 hole, but in order to do this it needs to use more hole combinations, which makes it more complicated to learn. If you want an easier-to-use instrument, it would be better to go with a 12 hole or the double ocarina I show you below.

Due to their equal size and sound, this replica is the same price as the 12 hole one, meaning it is still more expensive than the STL 12 hole.

Click trough here to find it.


4 – The Double Ocarina Of Time

STL-double-ootThis is the musical pinnacle of the OoT family. STL’s double ocarina of time is 5 inches long, tuned in the key of C and plays two whole octaves with notes from A4 to C7.

It is identical to the STL 12 hole replica in color, design and quality, but the second chamber adds an unprecedented musical range. There is pretty much nothing you can’t play on this instrument.


Included are an obligatory Zelda songbook, a complete fingering chart and a protective bag. Have a look at the video on the right, where this instrument is demonstrated. I have the feeling Link would like to get his hands on one :)

Click through here to find it.


5 – A Word On Plastic Ocarinas

STL and some no-name sellers also offer plastic replicas. These instruments may be cheap, but don’t sound as good their ceramic counterparts. They also don’t bear a resemblance to the original and looks very much like a toy. I don’t recommend it and plastic ocarinas in general.

The only upside is their indestructibility. But if you are looking for a musical instrument or a good replica, I’d say go with any one of the above.


May the music fill your heart,



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